How To Sight Read Jazz and Syncopated Type Rhythms

Item# : 1005
Learn the difference between rhythm as it developed in Africa and the Eastern part of the world, as opposed to our Western concept of rhythm.
You learn to subdivide rhythm according to these Eastern principles along with a method for applying this to professional sight reading which enables you to come up with the exact interpretation of even the most "difficult to read" rhythms the very first time you perform them. As you progress through the course you will become acquainted with the traditional practices of jazz notation as it has been evolved by jazz composers and arrangers in the U.S.A. along with with some amazing insights into the unique type of meter which is exclusive to contemporary jazz.

Later in the course a sight reading technique is presented in which you learn to organize the time on the page in a completely unique fashion that can produce dramatic results in your ability to read and play rhythm at sight. Once you have learned the technique, the course takes you through a daily training program involving 35 reading exercises that are to be practiced daily employing a certain principle explained in the course. You will realize a drastic improvement in your sight reading ability if you apply these principles to this program and then move on to other music later. This can be accomplished in a matter of weeks if this regime is followed daily.