Reuel Lubag Trio - Premiere

Jazz piano great Reuel Lubag's fascinating new Trio CD
Item# : CAP1058

                      This project has been a long time coming, and over the years so many people have  asked when I would be releasing my own album under my own name, The last project that had my name on it was ab album in college with my friend Jon Wikan, "The Lubag/ Wikan Jazz Trtio" (featuring Brian Kennedy on bass and Jay Thomas on sax and trumpet.)  That was a while ago, so it was time.   There was an attempt in 2011 to record much of this material but thosee tracks were believed lost.  So, I decided to set up a new session and this album is the result. I wasn't able to get my same trio unfortunately of Matt Page & Nate Parker, Howevwer, the guys I did get were amazing.  Co-founder of the Native Jazz Quartet (in which I also play) Ed Littlefield is a wonderful drummer, a great person, and a consummate professional.  Ed and I have a great chemistry and enjoy playing together, so it was easy.  On bass, I was fortuate to ask a young man who is one of the rising stars on the jazz scene, Ben Feldman.   He is truly making a mark for himself as a top flight player and pro and when we recorded this he was sill 17 years old.  Ed and Ben immediately clicked inthe studio and we were off!

There are some newer compositions on here, but also one or two I wrote many years ago which have rarely been played.  I wanted to have music that represents who I am and my approach to the jazz piano tadition. The guys and I hope you do enjoy PREMIERE,