Decked Out Deck

Item# : mk1634
2 years in making Mark Mason has finally done it!
An actual Color Changing deck that’s easy to perform.
  • 1. Spread the deck Face-down ALL the cards are RED
  • 2. Spread the deck Face-Up ALL the cards are in mixed order!
  • 3. Spectator selects a card from the Face-down deck.
  • 4. IMMEDIATELY the deck is spread! Now all the cards are BLUE backed!
  • 5. Spread the deck Face-Up
  • 6. Now all the cards run in PERFECT number & suit order EXCEPT one card is missing!
The Selected card is the only RED back card in a BLUE back deck!
  • Specially printed deck!
  • Easy to do!
  • Works with ANY card!
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