Happie Amp

Jim_Kleefeld "Small Group stand-up is the perfect audience for this. If you perform for groups at birthday parties, church suppers, blue and gold banquets, libraries, day cares, or small to mid-sized school shows, you should absolutely have a decent sound system, and this one will fill the bill nicely. If you already have a system, buy one of these and keep it in the car as a backup." - Jim Kleefeld
Christian Conjurer Magazine January/February - 2009 Vul.53-1: "Portable sound systems for Entertainers"
Tim_Cimbura "After reviewing the Danelectro Honeytone N-10 Guitar Mini-Amplifier, Apollo Portable Wireless 25w PA system, Fender Passport 150 Portable PA system, Nady WA 120 Portable PA system with Wireless Omni-Lavaliere Mic, and the Happie Amp (referred to as GTDAudio system) "Final Recommendations and Tips For most performers, I would highly recommend getting an iPod, Honeytone mini-amp, and the GTDAudio system (that's the Happie Amp). That would allow you to get through most performing situations with a great audio system that can act as a backup for a built-in house sound system or as your primary audio." - Tim Cimbura
David_Kaye "This sound system is perfect to get that extra boost
in a noisy room. And it has all the inputs and options
that I will ever need." 
- David Kaye (Silly Billy)
John_Carlson "In 25 years of performing I finally found the perfect sound sytem for Birthday Parties. There is so much power from such a portable unit. Very well made!" - John Carlson
Bruce_Bray "Every working professional should have two of these! I can't say enough about the quality and ease of use." - Bruce Bray, NJ
Steve_Rose "If you're looking for a good PA system and don't want to spend hundreds of dollars, this system is for you. It will cover an audience of a few hundred. It is compact, but powerful. You can attach an MP3 player to it for music. It plays music pretty loud, but more importantly, clear. It's worth it for a music player alone. It also sounds good when playing music while speaking. It has a tone control, and a separate input for another microphone. It also comes with 3, yes all 3 types of microphones that deliver a good quality sound. A handheld wireless mic, a lapel (clip on) and a headset." - Steve Rose
Matthew_Dwinells "This thing is great! Loud and clear, and from over 50 feet away the wireless-mike picks up without a problem. Not only is it nice and compact it can hook up to other systems too. And with the built in battery, this is going to come in really handy for my shows in the Philippines. I love it!" - Matthew Dwinells
Bonnie_Corcia "I used my PA system this weekend for four shows at a pumpkin festival, it was great. The sound is very clear and crisp. I love that I can play music and speak at the same time. The thing I like most about the system is I have bad shoulders and it is very light to transport. I am the president of Jersey Comics Clown Alley and I have recommended to all if they need a sound system this is the one for them. I have gone through many systems and I highly recommend this system to everyone." - Bonnie Corcia
Paul_Hilko "I purchased your Happie Amp with the full intention of trying it and returning it! There I said it. The first time I used the Happie Amp, was in front of my comperes at our magic meeting. Everyone wanted to know what I was using and praised the quality of the sound. A friend who is a sound engineer, made the adjustments for me and it worked perfectly.As with many purchases I have made in the past of magic equipment, this is the best purchase of equipment I have ever made. Thanks for a great product. I am usually the first one to complain about something, but this purchase is flawless and I just had to let you know that you have a great product." - Paul Hilko
Paul_Hilko "This system is awesome...plenty of sound, clear and full in range. That, combined with the ability to use batteries or charge it, the lightness of it...and a great free carrying case...makes it a no brainer for an entertainer who works in different situations every day. Thanks Brian for making this available to us all!" - Will Fern - NJ