How to Win at Dice Games

Item# : r745

The performer displays a "Multimedia How To" Book titled "How to Win at Craps", an animated flick book that teaches how to throw a pair of dice to win. A spectator is asked to throw a pair of imaginary dice, and mentally have them roll to any winning combination – any of the six double spots. There is no force – the spectator freely selects any of the six possible winning combinations.   The performer flicks through the book, and it shows a pair of dice being thrown, and finally coming to rest with the exact combination selected by the spectator. You can flick through the book repeatedly to show the animation, and it correctly depicts the spectator’s choice!  Is it the spectator’s inexplicable mental powers?

No force, no skill, the special book does it all.  Produced on heavy grade art paper in full color, the 42 page flick book is cleverly gimmicked to produce the animation with the final result you desire. It comes complete with detailed presentation and handling instructions.