Hummer's Whirling Card

Item# : mak1120

Hummer Spinning & Floating Card

This was by far the most incredible walk
around effect of its time.

A playing card floats and flies around your body like a hummingbird. You've got to see it to believe it!!


  • A card selected from any deck & tossed it into the air.
    Instead of fluttering to the ground, the card spins from one hand to the other!
  • With another toss, the card hovers between the magician's hands, spinning like a flying saucer.
    A variety of arial acrobatics are possible with this flying card.
  • Finally, the card spins around the magician's body entirely.
    It is then replaced in the deck, which can be handed out for examination.

Borrow a credit card or I.D. it floats & spins!

Easy to Perform!

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