I AM #__ sticker

Item# : st013
Okay...now what’s this for? Ever have a long line of kids wanting to get ANOTHER balloon, or ANOTHER face painting? Or perhaps you are working a picnic and people from another picnic want to horn in on the fun. How are you to know which kids are which? Well folks, here is a way you can control that line: using a Sharpie, simply number the stickers from 1 to whatever, place one sticker on each child, and voila, you have a built in line monitor. Here’s another suggestion: once a child’s turn is over, place a Smiley Clown sticker over the I AM # sticker to prevent the dreaded disease, “trytogetanotherone-itis”. What could be simpler? And they are pretty too!

2.125" round stickers, 250 stickers per roll, perforated