Impossible 1 to 52, Poker

Impossible 1 to 52, Poker - Kozuch
Item# : mk9015

Impossible 1 to 52, Poker - Kozuch
The magician shows a deck of cards and an envelope with a prediction inside.
A number between 1 and 52 is selected.
All the cards are dumped from the box onto the spectator's hands.
Spectator flips each card over, counting to the chosen number.
When chosen number is reached, the envelope is opened to reveal that the prediction matches the selected card!
Free choice of the number!
The magician doesn't even touch the cards.
No sleights, no palming, no shuffle.
Comes complete with:
8 special Bicycle cards.
A normal card.
A magnet.
An envelope.
Jumbo Size Card (11"x14") double face card.
Poker size box.
Illustrated 4 page instruction booklet.

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