Jokers Tube Pro Model

Item# : lr1206

he Effect: Three balls are placed into the empty clear tube with cover of the white tube. The white tube is removed and the balls have changed order! The balls are removed and then placed back into the clear tube with the cover of the white tube. Instead of the last ball going into the clear tube, it is placed in the red box. The red box is opened and the ball has vanished! The missing ball has reappeared in the clear tube! An Essential Item For Kid Magicians and Clowns!

Quality Details of Pro Model Joker Tube:

Ball Vanishing Box:
Locking Magnetic Doors
Structurally sound hinge function and screws
Multicolor Joker painted on door

No crush design for a dimple free ball
Vibrant red, yellow, & green color balls

Crystal Tube & Base:
The plastic ball tube is has a crystal clear glass feel and look.
Base with tube is perfect length and height for ball display.

Metal Cover Tube:
Strong light aluminum weight design.
Vibrant color baked in paint for long life.
No seam in the tube and tube will not bend.

"Highly durable, perfect function and absolutely beautiful magic apparatus..."

h appears underneath it!!

To end the trick, the magician gives all objects to the audience to be examined.

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