Magic for kids Shows

magic colouring book
Price: CAD8.50
Price: CAD22.00
Price: CAD9.50
On Sale: CAD7.99
Folding Coin, coin in bottle free shipping
Price: CAD9.99
On Sale: CAD8.99
Price: CAD5.00
Price: CAD59.95
Price: CAD13.99
Price: CAD145.00
Price: CAD66.00
Price: CAD7.00
Price: CAD130.00
Price: CAD6.00
Price: CAD17.00
Remove a silk from a wooden box and entrust the care of the box to a spectator.
Price: CAD59.00
Display two empty cylinders and an empty cage.
Price: CAD27.59
An ALL-Time Kid Show Classic is BACK
Price: CAD98.21
Perform a Vanish or in Reverse!
Price: CAD6.83
A COMPLETE Laugh-Riot with a Live Rabbit and a Great Magic Routine!
Price: CAD279.06
A group of children made you a special gift. Wonderful though this is, it’s not a lot of use for performing with. So using your special powers you set about changing one card, then the whole deck into a more familiar and useful design.
Price: CAD17.85
A Spelling Test the Magician Always Wins
Price: CAD55.66