Magic H

Price: CAD8.00
Here's a real audience shocker!
Price: CAD852.50
The use of this small invisible gimmick known as the Hold-Out.
Price: CAD11.30
A volunteer from the audience is invited to the stage. The performer asks him to think of a drink from the variety of drinks that are presented in a menu.
Price: CAD29.00
Price: CAD11.50
Price: CAD12.66
Price: CAD3.07
Price: CAD28.35
Price: CAD75.87
Price: CAD19.00
Price: CAD3.00
Price: CAD27.00
Price: CAD4.83
Price: CAD4.93
On Sale: CAD4.43
Price: CAD12.28
Price: CAD74.49
Price: CAD4.14
Price: CAD7.00
Price: CAD36.00
Price: CAD49.21