Mehron Pro-Pencil Slim

Item# : me40

Pro-Pencil™ Slim Makeup Pencil is an exclusive, ultra soft makeup pencil designed and made by Mehron, Innovators of Extreme Beauty Makeup. This Pro-Pencil™ Slim Makeup Pencil was created specifically for outlining and drawing face and body designs when fine lines are required for detailed outlining. Mehron's Pro-Pencil™ Slim Makeup Pencil is currently available in six vivid colors for enhancing and outlining makeup applications. The Pro-Pencil™ Slim Makeup Pencil encasing high quality Mehron Beauty Makeup in a sturdy black "plasticized" casing which cleanly "peels-off" when sharpened. Sharping your Pro-Pencil™ Slim is easy and efficient with Mehron's Pro-Pencil™ Dual Sharpener.

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