What makes this new makeup truly distinctive is our unique blend of base ingredients. Aloe and chamomile combine to make Paradise Makeup AQ safe and gentle to the skin. Glycerin, avocado oil and cocoa butter provide rich, vibrant, color saturated coverage. It washes off easily with just soap and water. No special removers are needed. Brushes and sponges clean easily and will last longer.
Two high quality, 8-color palettes are offered - ôBasicö and ôPastelö. Refill sized replacement pans are available to replenish frequently used colors or to later customize your individual palette.

Each color is also available in a sturdy, 40-gram professional size compact with clear screw-on lid. Perfect for the busy makeup artist.

Companion products in the Paradise line include 6 distinctive, custom designed, acrylic handled face and body painting brushes and Detailz «.

Detailz is a decorative liquid face and body makeup designed specifically for creating very fine lines, intricate designs, outlines, perfectly round dots and tiny spots. Detailz has a unique ultra-fine point applicator that permits the artist to precisely draw on the skin. Detailz comes in