Item# : lr10322

Beautifully constructed beginner puppets completely outfitted as shown. The mouth is easy to operate, making it a very user friendly for beginning puppeteers. The inside of the puppet is fully lined. The full body gives this puppet versatility for walk around or you can use as a behind the stage character. You might think you would expect to pay around $75.00 on sale for a puppet of this quality, size and features. Most of the People puppets are about 28 to 29 inches.

We added several new styles of Puppets. These are some of the best puppets for a great price.

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Afro American Boy, Afro American Girl, Big Chimp, Black Chimp, Camel, Clown, Doctor, Nurse, Grandma, Grandpa, Little Boy, Little Girl, King, Queen, Policeman, and Wizard. . 



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