Slush Powder

Slush Powder, SUPER - Tube - Magic Tricks
Item# : ww25

Basically Slush Powder is a ‘Super absorbent polymer’. A small amount of this powder in a glass will solidify any water that is poured into it. You can imagine the Magic Possibilities of Slush Powder.

The simplest effect is to pour water into a paper cup the water is seen to really go into the cup, turn the cup upside down, crush the cup and toss it aside. The liquid has vanished! Imagine this. Card in Jell-O, Spikes thru Glass of Liquid, Coin in an Ice Cube or how about Milk to Silk and many more.

You will no doubt come up with many uses of your own for Slush Powder.

Supplied complete with a large vial of Slush Powder.

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