Street Magic

Price: CAD12.50
Price: CAD7.99
Folding Coin, coin in bottle free shipping
Price: CAD9.99
On Sale: CAD8.99
Price: CAD8.99
On Sale: CAD7.99
Price: CAD5.90
Perfect PENetration, Pen Penetration
Price: CAD11.00
On Sale: CAD9.99
Extra Loading Capacity!
Price: CAD36.00
Price: CAD3.99
You show three mini coloring books - two with no pictures and one with black and white pictures. The one with pictures is in the middle. You move them around, and then have the spectator guess where the coloring book with pictures is. They are wrong.
Price: CAD18.41
Price: CAD3.50
The Magician's Floating Companion!
Price: CAD12.50
Price: CAD8.99
A volunteer from the audience is invited to the stage. The performer asks him to think of a drink from the variety of drinks that are presented in a menu.
Price: CAD29.00
Price: CAD22.00
Price: CAD12.00
" Erez Moshe's Key-Bend has to be the most incredible metal bending we've ever seen"
Price: CAD28.28
Price: CAD39.00
On Sale: CAD29.99
Free Shipping
Impromptu FLOATING Without the ANY Thread
Price: CAD39.00
Price: CAD5.00
Fantastic Animation Deck from Israel
Price: CAD14.38