Wonder Bar

Item# : r1635
Perform Surrounded!

Show an ordinary corked test tube, inside visibly rests a small silver rod.
You cause the rod to bob & float in the inside vial! 
Then the rod actually pushes the cork up out of the tube!

It hops out of the vial to the magician's hand and it proceeds to wiggle around.
Now it actually floats up into the air, hopping right around in space between the hands.
It bobs around, it flies from one hand to the other.

A ring can EASILY be passed over the rod while it is in mid-air!gh the straw at the other end - and the liquid visibly diminishes. Or have a puppet or Vent doll "drink" the liquid ! Our instruction give you many ideas for its use. The glass we supply "opens" for easy cleaning, and is an excellent utility or comedy prop at a very affordable price.
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