Bad To The Balloon by Mark Byrne - Volume 1 - DVD

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Bad To The Balloon by Mark Byrne - Volume 1 by Mark Byrne Bad To The Balloon follows a renegade biker balloon artist (Mark Byrne) as he teaches how to make balloons cool. His goal in creating balloon hats is to make them fast and make them great. Most hats take 45 seconds to 2 minutes to create.There is a detailed twist menu for beginners. If you can make a decent teddy bear, you can do most of the balloons on this DVD!! Intermediate and advanced twisters will love the flow and ease of this learning style. Unlike any other balloon DVD filmed, it has original music and location shots for each figure. Filmmaker Jason Jeter (Devotion Pictures) & Mark Byrne (Funny Money Productions) have done the impossible... a balloon DVD you wonÆt fall asleep watching!! From the opening sequence to the last sculpture, they guarantee you will be impressed. Includes instructions to make: Shark ò Dolphin ò Mermaid ò Surfer ò Tiki ò Duck ò Gator ò One-Eyed Monster ò Pirate ò Tower ò Swan ò Dragon Running Time Approximately 71min