Magic K

A group of children made you a special gift. Wonderful though this is, it’s not a lot of use for performing with. So using your special powers you set about changing one card, then the whole deck into a more familiar and useful design.
Price: 17.85
A selected card is lost in the deck. Spectator is asked to blow a kiss at the deck.
Price: 3.0
On Sale: 2.0
Price: 27.93
Price: 26.9
On Sale: 9.0
Price: 8.5
Price: 22.18
Price: 99.24
Price: 107.7
Price: 18.83
" Erez Moshe's Key-Bend has to be the most incredible metal bending we've ever seen"
Price: 28.28
Price: 39.66
On Sale: 32.0
Price: 35.66
On Sale: 33.0