Dewey Balloon Books

Item# : dew3
DEWEY'S NEW BALLOON ANIMALS A good over-all basic book. It's an easy guide for pro and amateur balloon workers. Contains basic, miniature and advanced animals, including complete instructions for 22 balloon figures with over 100 illustrations to guide you every step of the way. DEWEY'S BUBBLE BUDDIES This is an advanced book for the serious balloon artist. New twists explained for the real pro DEWEY'S BALLOON & CLOWN NOTEBOOK A balloon book with clowns in mind. Contains new balloon creations, toys and some "bits of business." Includes a ventriloquist rabbit, a swan that lays an egg, Bugsy Bunny, a Choo Choo train, and plenty more. Some easy and some advanced creations DEWEY'S RUBBER RASCALS A mixture of easy, average and difficult balloon animals. Has clear drawings and instructions for: E.T., pink panther, Santa, unicorn, wormy apple, astronaut, smurphy elf, and more DEWEY'S MAMMOTH MULTIPLE BALLOONS Dewey explains how to make the large stage-size balloon creations that use #340, #315, #327 (spiral) and other balloons. All are easy. Contains the large fancy swan, monkey, dog, giraffe, moo cow, reindeer, balloon bike, goat, big bug, and much more. DEWEY'S EXTRA EASY BALLOONS Great for beginners or pros who need quick creations. Contains some new and some old classics. Some are made from pencil balloons (like the #260) and some from the #321 (bee body). DEWEY'S ZANY BALLOONS Clear instructions for making a Mutant Turtle, Birthday Cake, Flower Basket, Cobra/Cutlass, Poodle, Umbrella, Coyote/Roadrunner, Trumpet, Airplane/Penguin/Banjo, Pansy Flower, and more DEWEY'S CELEBRITY BALLOONS Contains detailed instructions for impressive large multiple balloon creations including the Turtle Warrior, Marty Mouse, Barnesaurus and others. A must for the balloon enthusiast DEWEY'S BALLOON ANOMALIES Interesting balloon creations made from odd balloons: Geo Blossoms, 6" hearts, latex gloves and #130 spaghetti balloons.