Enchanted Tea Pot

Item# : r518
This effect is an extension of a classical magic effect, which by itself is a great trick. The setting is a tray on your table, which has four small glasses and a teapot. Clear water is poured into the first glass and instantly turns red. The water of the second glass turns yellow, the third green and the fourth blue. The cover is removed from the pot and four dry silk handkerchiefs are removed. To this point you have performed the classic "Magic Teapot" effect. Now, for the surprise finish... The teapot is placed into a paper bag and the bag is instantly crushed into a ball and thrown away. The pot is made similar to the rubber coke bottle except that it holds liquid and has two chambers (one for the dry silks). It looks like fine China and is decorated with ornate blue and yellow flowers. Wonderful effect for restaurant workers.