Entertaining With Balloon Sculpting (S. Frank Stringham) - Volume 4 - DVD

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Hats and Cartoons are some of the most requested figures for the working balloon artist and S. Frank Stringham shares some of his favorites with you. From a basic flower hat to a 13 balloon elaborate monster hat and also tips on how to customize and make up your own hats to maximize your tips. Learn two popular cartoon characters along with a general superhero that can be easily adapted to create just about any popular superhero. These are advanced detailed multiple balloon figures, not the generic figures you see some other sculptors make with only a few balloons, so be ready to do some serious twisting! A special bonus feature includes the underground hit music video "POP" starring "One Eyed Jack" that is guaranteed to make you smile. Hats Intro Flower Hat Lost My Marbles Hat Jester Hat Elaborate Hat Cartoon Intro Mouse Sponge Super Hero Credits Resources Other DVDs Available "POP" Song Video Running Time Approximately 98min