Entertaining With Balloon Sculpting (Will Roya) - Volume 1 - DVD

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Get ready to grab a bag of 260q's and learn over 35 balloon animals & figures with professional balloon artists and Las Vegas entertainer Will Roya. These balloon creations are simple, commercial, and easy to make. You will be able to impress and entertain groups of children and adults in no time. Will also reveals his favorite bits of business when entertaining with balloons and reveals some of his marketing secrets for the aspiring professional in a candid interview with S. Frank Stringham. Whether you are a complete beginner or just looking to increase your repertoire, this is the DVD for you. Intro Getting Started Basic Animal #1 Basic Animal #2 Basset Hound Dachshund Poodle Adding a leash Mouse Giraffe Brontosaurus T-Rex Elephant Reindeer / Deer / Elk Moose Pig / Hippo Camel Ant Eater Ram Lion Rabbit Snake Swan Parrot Giant Spider Bear Adding a Tulip Sword Pirate Sword Tommy Gun Heart Parrots in Heart Flower Simple Hat Mouse Hat Braided Hat Sword Belt Other Balloon Wear Bits of Business Conclusion Review of Twists Credits Resources Interview with Will Balloon Bit on Stage Other DVD's Available Out Takes Running Time Approximately 128min