Live Kidbiz Book And DVD By David Ginn

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David GinnÆs LIVE KIDBIZ 2 DVD is here. A full hour filled with eleven live routines from David Ginn school shows; JUNGLE WARM-UP using rope tricks out of Tarbell; NO BOUNCE BALL with an audience helper; DISBANDED ON STAGE with a girl from the audience; GO FISH is a do-it-yourself routine with two children and lots of fish pictures; SNAKE BASKET with 2 kids from DavidÆs jungle show; EASTER EGG COUNT from a pre-school show and more: ABC PUZZLE with 4 kids; WILD WEST ANIMALS could be the best version of CharlieÆs Invisible Message yet; COKE BOTTLE RABBIT in which a live bunny vanishes in a fun way and ends up inside a 2-ft Coca-Cola Bottle; SAWING IN HALF with a visible table sawing and the funniest bit youÆll ever see, and finally my favourite three part closer: the ROAD RACE, GUITAR SOLO, and the TABLECLOTH STUNT, plus LIVE KIDBIZ 2 ù THE MASTER TEXTBOOK: Nothing is explained on the video. Everything is fully explained in THE MASTER TEXTBOOK. A 312-page book with over 100 photos and drawings which accompaniesthe DVD. THE MASTER TEXTBOOK explains in words, photos, and drawings everything shown on the DVD. But it's twice as long as the original LIVE KIDBIZ book. ThatÆs because it contains more material ù Three Fun Warm-ups; Charlotte the Writing Spider; Magic in Black and White; Three Important Things; Kids Love Animals; Book Cover Revealed; Penguin Trick; Jay GorhamÆs Puzzle Illusion. Money Elimination; Bring That Rabbit Back; Costuming Kids for Laughs; Storytelling with Magic; Magic Drawing Board; Jolly Polly; Save the Water; King Kong; Spike Arm Watch Tester; Ropes Thru Body; Guillotine; Sharpshooter; Rabbit Botania; Puzzle Talk; Lost Kidshow Magic; Neck Twister; Olympic Ring Toss; Movie Posters; Gene GordonÆs Card Spider; Banana Bunny in Australia; Shooting Card Trick; Watch Bag; Disecto; Jumbo 3 Card Monte; and the famous Sword Thru Neck routine Finally, Chapter 25 of LIVE KIDBIZ 2: THE MASTER TEXTBOOK contains some final magic rabbitwords and a true story from 20 years ago that affected my life in a very positive way. Maybe it will do the same for you. The DVD and the book come as a set for a very low price!