Manifestation Consultation

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Your manifestation consultation is a half hour session that allows you to ask any related questions about the instructions for the manifestation kit.  CLEAR manifestation scenarios are important for the standard manifestation kit.  Some people have used this session as a way to clarify their manifestation scenarios.  Others have  used this session as a way to verify their actions as part of the manifestation scenario.  Upon receipt of your order, we will call you to schedule your appointment.  All sessions are by appointment only!! We look forward to working with you!


[  Can I have a session of less than half an hour?


No, the sessions are billed and scheduled in half hour increments.


[  Will you provide me with follow up information from our session?


No, it is your responsibility to take the appropriate notes from our session.  We are only acting in an advisory role during the session as a way to help you complete your manifestation scenario.

Here’s what some of our recent customers had to say about the kit. 


[“I now know what I need to do.  Thank you!” – Debra, Atlanta


["Thanks for the clarifications. I am ready for the next step.” --
Rodney, GA


[“I’m glad that I called. This was a great session.” – Rhonda, FL


Disclaimer:   We can not and do not guarantee the success of any manifestation using our products. We can not be held responsible for the misuse of any item purchased. We believe that true manifestation energy comes from within. The ability to bring about change ultimately resides within you. The laws of karma also apply to manifestation. The energy that you put out will be returned to you. If you put out good energy, good energy is returned. If you put out bad or destructive energy, this energy will be returned to you one hundred fold (100x/100 times over). Your good intentions are what help the manifestation process. Don’t sell yourself short by inundating yourself with fear, uncertainty, and doubt.