The Healing Journey (tm) Custom Manifestation and Affirmation Kit

The Healing Journey (tm) Custom Manifestation and Affirmation Kit
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Do You Need A Boost In Your Life? Are You Ready To Reach Your Full Potential? Stop Worrying And Start Enjoying Your Blessings!!


There are times in our lives that we need a little help.  Awakening Spirits, Inc. now offers a customized manifestation kit.  This customized manifestation kit allows you to have your specific needs addressed as a way to help the timing and manifestation of your desires.


With this kit, Awakening Spirits. Inc. provides you with a:


[    Customized affirmation

[    One or two small pillar candles (depending upon your desired scenario)  infused with focused, super-charged energy to aid in the manifestation of your desired scenario

[    A small gemstone infused with focused, super-charged energy to aid in the manifestation of your desire


The energetic enhancement of the candle and the gemstone work hand in hand to complement your desired outcomes. You’ll have a chance to work with our staff to understand your needs.  This will allow you to start enjoying the manifestation of those desires in a timely fashion.


This is a customized scenario for manifesting YOUR desires.  The standard manifestation kit is a good start.  However, there are some individuals who need a bit of help and may not have the time to put into the standard manifestation kit.  If this is how you feel, this is the kit for YOU!!

This kit contains SUPERCHARGED manifestation energy to help you get what you want. The incense, oil and candle are energetically enhanced just for you! Feel the positive energy and harness it for your desires.


Please note – Due to the customization of the scenario for this kit, the kit ships within 7-15 calendar days from its acceptance by Orielia Valley and her staff.  Due to the nature of the customization, refunds are not offered. All Sales are Final for these kits.




[     How does this kit differ from the standard manifestation kit?


The custom manifestation kit will provide a specific result as requested by you.  Our staff does most of the hard work for you.  Your job is to finish what we start in order for you to get the desired outcome.


[     How do I provide you with what I need as part of my manifestation scenario?


Upon receipt of your order, our staff will e-mail you a link for you to provide the information that we will require.  Once you complete the items required, the information will be reviewed by our staff.  If the information is complete and appropriate, the order will be marked accepted and your will receive a confirmation e-mail stating that your request has been accepted.  In the instance that the information you provide is not complete or appropriate, you will receive a status e-mail providing you with the additional requirements.  No charges are made to your credit card until the information provided by you on our link is deemed acceptable. 


[     What are the candles made out of?


The candles provided as part of the manifestation kit are 100% natural.  The candles are our hand-made, custom blend of natural, soy, palm, and beeswax infused with specific herbs and natural crystal gemstone particles made just for you.   The wicks are 100% natural cotton.


[     Does this kit use spells?


No, we do not use spells to achieve the results.  We actually use a combination of proven manifestation affirmations and positive energy to provide the desired results. No black magic or other scenarios are involved.


[     How quickly will I receive results?


Results usually occur very quickly. We have had customers experience their results as quickly as the day their intentions were accepted and worked on by our staff.  This is even before the kit arrived at their final destination.   The timing of the result is usually based upon your request, your ability to follow the directions provided to you, and your positive intentions. We believe in God’s (and the Universe’s) perfect timing for everything that we do.


[     Can I use this kit to harm someone?


No, we do not provide negative or harmful affirmations.  Each affirmation request is screened for acceptance.  Negative and/or harmful affirmation requests are immediately rejected.


[     When I receive the kit, what do I do?


You will follow the directions that are provided within your kit.  Because of the customized nature of each kit, the custom instruction set will be provided to you.


[     Will it be hard for me to follow the instructions?


No, the instructions are very basic.  Follow them in order to achieve your goals. The instructions for the custom kit are much simpler than the instructions for the standard kit.  Think of it as our way to help you in manifesting your desires without you having to do a great deal of work.


Customer Testimonials


Here’s what some of our recent customers had to say about the kit. 


[“I was having a horrible time with an individual who would not leave me alone.  This individual was causing all types of problems in my personal and business lives.  After speaking with Ms. Valley, she put together a custom manifestation kit.  Let’s just say that within three weeks, the individual (1) was completely discredited publicly, (2) left my family alone; and (3) recanted all of the false statements in the business arena that were damaging my reputation!!.  I was so very surprised and thrilled.  This person had been a problem for over six months!  In less than three weeks, thing completely cleared up.  Thank you!! I have my life back!!!” – Mary B., Baltimore


["I really needed some money.  My bills were piling up and I had no way to meet them.  I thought about getting a second job, but jobs are tough to get where I am. My kit gave me a $200 lottery win, and a second job that is now my full-time job.  This job pays me twice as much as my original job. Money problems are gone!!”  -- A.D., California


["Wow!! This really worked.  My situation was very difficult.  I am impressed with the resolution and the court outcome. Thank you!” – Lynn, Washington, DC


["I am so happy! My wife and I were headed for divorce.  The papers had been filed.  Imagine my surprise when my wife came to my job and took me to lunch.  She begged me not to go through with the divorce.  This was amazing because she was the one who actually filed. Amazing!” – Dan F., Florida


[“I had been on a rollercoaster of emotions since my husband died.  I could not believe that he was gone.  I had looked for peace of mind everywhere.  Ms. Valley was able to help me. The manifestation kit gave me a balance and focus.  Thank you!  I am now ready to move on past my grief.”  Martha, Rhode Island


[“I finally did it – I passed the bar exam!! It took me two times to do it.  My kit was created after my first failure.  I was desperate.  My kit helped me not only pass, but get a much better score than I could ever have imagined.  Thank you!  -- L.A., Las Vegas


[“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  We closed on our house on Friday.  I wanted to wait until it closed to write you.  After our bankruptcy, we were uncertain if anyone would finance us.  Surprise, surprise.  Two days after receiving the kit, we had three – yes 3  -finance offer scenarios!!! We could not believe it.  We were able to get the house of our dreams with a reasonable, fixed-rate loan.  Could not have done it without you!!” – Judy, Oregon



Disclaimer:   We can not and do not guarantee the success of any manifestation using our products. We can not be held responsible for the misuse of any item purchased. We believe that true manifestation energy comes from within. The ability to bring about change ultimately resides within you. The laws of karma also apply to manifestation. The energy that you put out will be returned to you. If you put out good energy, good energy is returned. If you put out bad or destructive energy, this energy will be returned to you one hundred fold (100x/100 times over). Your good intentions are what help the manifestation process. Don’t sell yourself short by inundating yourself with fear, uncertainty, and doubt.



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