2004 DVD 6 Pak

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Six amazing DVD, documenting one of the most interesting Summerfest years ever held.
Volume 1 - Sanchin by the Sea, with George E. Mattson, Karate History, with Robert Hunt and Chinese Weapons with Sifu Wong & Darin yee.
Volume 2 - Pressure points with Jim Maloney, Infighting techniques with Rory Miller.
Volume 3 - Self Defense with Alan Lowell, Joint Locks and Knife to Knife, with Raffi Derderian, Uechi-ry history with Scott Higa.
Volume 4 - A Steve Perry Workout with Steve Perry, Suparempi, with Bill Glasheen.
Volume 5 - Kickboxing and Combat fighting, with Karate Legend, Joe Lewis

Note: This set of DVD will be a special order, sold by the photographer.

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