Digital Uechi-ryu Review Course - Book One

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Basic Review Course in Uechi-ryu - Book I Table of Contents: {First assignment for George Mattson's On-line coaching program. Check for more information on the coaching program}
Session I: Course Introduction
Session II: Uechi-ryu Stances, and Overview. 
Session III: Customize your Stance.
Session IV: The "8" Form: A quick guide to mobility.
Session V: Primary Uechi-ryu Kicks
Session VI: Knife-edged Kicks
Session VII: The "Hook" Kick
Session VIII: Weapons of your body, Part one
Session IX: Weapons of your body, Part two
Session X: Weapons of your body, Part Three
Session XI: "Realism" and Uechi-ryu.
Session XII: Stance alignment - 
What is this e-Book all about? What are the students and teachers saying about this series? 
e-Book #001: Uechi-ryu Intense Four Hour Basic Course. Important "core" system material, relevant to all systems, but absolutely essential for any practitioner interested in exploring the fascinating Uechi-ryu system. Covered are many teaching tools needed to understand George Mattson's successful teaching formula, developed after 50 years of teaching to students of all ranks. Mattson feels that teachers are mostly unaware of "why" the system was created with certain key elements and because of this, are often taught incorrectly or even dangerously. This four hour course consists of four e-books, each covering one hour of private instruction given to a high ranked Shorin-ryu teacher, learning Uechi-ryu for the first time. 
I sent out review copies to many Uechi teachers and new students. All responding gave high marks for the content and importance of the material as a teaching tool for all, especially new students. One of my new "distance-learning" students from Germany sent me this review:
Dear Sensei,
After seeing the first two lessons of the new ebook I must say:
What for a wonderful day! What for a quality and what for a great idea! Many thanks to you and to Pete Peterson! That is like private tuition with you. Pete Peterson is better than most of people like me because he has a great experience in other martial arts, but sometime this is even more havier to do. 
For a student like me a dream will be true. No waiting for weeks for the next video tape to arrive in Germany. I need only to open the ebook and read and look to your instructions. Wonderful! 
No problems with the ebook at all. At the moment I have a very fast internet connection. In a few weeks the connection will be slower so I can test it with slower internet connections too.
Many thanks again! This evening my mind is next to Pete Peterson. His work has open a door for me and all other long distance students. 
Erik Irsch Germany 
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