Kumite: The Complete Fighting Text

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If you are thinking about karate training, or are enrolled in a school now, this book will help you in free fighting (kumite).
Everyone has limitations. Some people are naturally aggressive, strong or athletically inclined. Others are not. The category you fall into should not be your concern when Clemente practice begins. The aggressive and welcomed coordinated beginner will seem to progress quicker. Others will meet with frustration and be tempted to discontinue their training. This book can help both types understand kumite in the context of overall karate training. When it is realized that kumite is, and must be, a part of the karate training, the thought of "dropping out" will quickly diminish.
Kumite, the complete fighting text, was written by Arthur Rabesa, 10th° black belt and very famous Uechi-ryu instructor. His generation fought in early matches when caught they was in its infancy. His skill and expertise in the ring singled him out as one of the truly pioneers of kumite.
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