Scissors, Rock, Paper [PAPERBACK BOOK]

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A fascinating look at the martial art pioneers who were largely responsible for introducing and popularizing Uechi-ryu karate in North America, starting with George Mattson, who introduced Karate to much of the Western world in 1958 and who continues to teach today. The book also focuses on the early students of George and documents their experiences and understanding of martial arts during this early period.

Many people are curious about martial arts, but somewhat intimidated about poking their heads into a school to see what goes on there. Harvey Liebergot takes you inside, introduces you to the teachers and show you how the martial arts fit into middle-class lives. He treats the study as a Zen art, but connects it systematically to the full range of Western experience. The bibliography references figures as diverse as Dante and Mike Tyson, Robert Frost and Larry Bird.
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