Hilts and Misc Items

Heavy Duty construction with beautiful brass fittings.
Price: $150.00
On Sale: $75.00
Leather over steel plates. Will fit 16-19 inch necks.
Price: $125.00
Price: $32.00
Embroidered USA Knight Patch. Great for ball caps and jackets
Price: $10.00
Great candle powered lantern. Really elegant with a locking door.
Price: $29.95
Very light, strong and super cool!
Price: $95.00
On Sale: $75.00
Just add a nut to the bottom of these and you have a very easy installation. Solid Brass Construction.
Price: $4.00
Great looking, perfect lines and great hand protection. Only 24 ounces...
Price: $75.00
Price: $83.00
light weight and strong! Stainless tang... ONLY 17 OUNCES!!!
Price: $75.00
Buy in bulk and save. Much stronger and sharper design than the old plastic design.
Price: $1,450.00
On Sale: $1,000.00
ICEFALCON PLASTIC CUP HILTS. Stronger than the old design. No more breaking hilts within a few months of buying them.
Price: $29.00
2 PLASTIC CUP HILTS FOR ONLY $56! Stronger and updated design compared to the old plastic hilts.
Price: $56.00
Mention diameter preference when ordering....Best of both worlds. Manal rattan . Whu-BAMMM!
Price: $37.00
Price: $69.00
Perfect close cell foam for comfort and protection. 2 pieces will do most helms. Engineered along the same lines as professional football helm padding.
Price: $15.00
Very rich looking, tooled leather bound, period book. Great for quests and peerage gifts! 6'X5"
Price: $45.00
On Sale: $29.95
1 box of 100 sets
Price: $26.00
Price: $26.00
Very protecive and the most comfortable gorgets I have ever worn!
Price: $125.00