The Healing Journey (tm) Manifestation and Affirmation Kit

Get What You Want Today!!
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Get What You Want Today!!

Do you need a little help to put things in perspective?  Are you unsure of why you are not getting what you want?  Do you desire money, career, love, etc.?  Well, the wait is over!  Try the Healing Journey™ Manifestation and Affirmation kit. 


With this kit, you will be able to work on your desires to manifest the desires in a timely fashion.  Use your personal power to get your desired situation.  Stop sitting around wondering why you don’t get what you want.  Make your desires a reality today!


The Healing Journey™ Manifestation kit includes:


[      Ten (10) cones of the Healing Journey™ Manifestation incense

[      five (5) vials of The Healing Journey™ Manifestation oil

[      one (1) clear small bowl

[      one (1) The Healing Journey™ Manifestation candle

[      one (1) detailed instruction set


This kit contains SUPERCHARGED manifestation energy to help you get what you want. The incense, oil and candle are energetically enhanced just for you! Feel the positive energy and harness it for your desires.



Here’s what some of our recent customers had to say about the kit. 


[      “I was desperate.  I had been out of work for so long that I did not know what else to do.  Everywhere that I interviewed, I heard the same thing – “Sorry, we are not interested.” Within 12 hours, I had 4 job offers!!  I even had an offer that addressed a child care issue that I was concerned about.  Thanks!" -- Shannon, NC


[      "My love life was falling to pieces.  My lover was becoming very distant and pulling away from me and my daughter.  I knew that if I did not do something quickly, our life together would be over.  Within 10 days, he was a changed man.  He became more loving and caring.  He even asked me to marry him!  We are planning our wedding for this summer.  Wow!  I’m now seeing the man that I fell in love with once again."  -- T.H., New York


[      "I was concerned about my husband’s deployment to Iraq.  I did not want him to be in a dangerous area and in the middle of the craziness.  I was afraid that if he went over there, he would never come back.  Within 5 days, the funniest thing happened.  His unit was redeployed within the US!  This was unheard of.  He actually is now deployed for six months in the Midwest.  That’s right -- he’s NOT in the Middle East!!!  The best part is that I can drive to see him if I need to." -- MN -- Kansas


[      "I had some incredible bills to pay from the holidays.  I could not believe that I had gotten myself into so much debt.  The pressure was building.  I really needed to get $2,000 quickly in order to pay my credit card bill.  I had no idea of where it would come from.  Within 14 days, I had $3400!!! I could not believe it.  This was enough money to completely pay off my credit cards.  I now will be a better steward of the money provided to me.  Thank you!"  --- AM, San Diego


[      “My boyfriend and I have been wavering in our relationship. We went back and forth over what to do. We have been together for two years. Although we love each other, we could not figure out how to come together. He lives on the West Coast and I live in New York. Both of us have great jobs in our respective locations. We both did not want to give up our dream jobs. Twelve days after using the kit, my company offered me a promotion and relocation. Guess where the relocation is – in the same town that my boyfriend lives in!!! My company is opening an office about five miles away from where he lives. I now will have the love of my life as well as my ultimate dream job. I feel like I am floating on air!! This is a dream come true.” -- LS New York (soon to be on the West Coast)


[  How long does it take for me to work on this kit?


It will take you a minimum of 5 days to work with the kit. 


[  Is the kit complicated to use?


No, the kit is easy to use if you follow the instructions to the letter. There are detailed instructions included with the kit.  You MUST follow the instructions as listed within the kit.  If you are not good with following detailed instructions, you may want to try the Healing Journey (tm) Custom Manifestation and Affirmation Kit. 


[  What if I have s with the kit?


We offer a Manifestation Consultation option for $75 per half hour.  This consultation will help you get the actual s that you may require to complete your manifestation scenarios for the kit.


[  Can I return the kit if I find it too difficult? I’m not good at following detailed instructions.  I usually want things NOW.


No, we don’t accept returns for opened merchandise.


[  Can I use this kit to harm someone?


No, we explicitly do not want our kits to be used for less than good intentions.  The laws of karma also apply to manifestation. The energy that you put out will be returned to you. If you put out good energy, good energy is returned. If you put out bad or destructive energy, this energy will be returned to you one hundred fold (100x/100 times over).


[  Can I skip some of steps?


No, this is not recommended.  Not following the steps exactly as specified will affect your outcome.

Disclaimer:   We can not and do not guarantee the success of any manifestation using our products. We can not be held responsible for the misuse of any item purchased. We believe that true manifestation energy comes from within. The ability to bring about change ultimately resides within you. The laws of karma also apply to manifestation. The energy that you put out will be returned to you. If you put out good energy, good energy is returned. If you put out bad or destructive energy, this energy will be returned to you one hundred fold (100x/100 times over). Your good intentions are what help the manifestation process. Don’t sell yourself short by inundating yourself with fear, uncertainty, and doubt.