handcrafted cutters are the heirlooms of tomorrow. With proper care your cutter will last for years. The shiny tin cutters are recommended for avid baking. The sharp edge of the tin gives superior cutting and release. The antique finish cutters have been hand brushed with a solution to prematurely age the cutter, giving them an heirloom look today. While you may use your antique-finish cutter for baking,the finish will age more quickly when exposed to moisture. The choice is yours!.  To care for your cutters, simply brush out the crumbs with a stiff brush (I use a toothbrush or a small paintbrush) and hand wash in soapy water. Towel dry immediately. I suggest you use a hair dryer to remove any excess moisture after towel drying. Do not leave your cutter on a moist kitchen towel or in a drying rack to dry. Sorry, but these cutters are too special to put in the dishwasher.    Enjoy! Julie