Amazing Amp (formerly Happie Amp)

Amazing Amp (formerly Happie Amp) is a 50 watt max., portable, wireless, 5 pound pa system for audiences of up to 400 people indoors or 200 people outside.
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EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS IN THE BOX! All-inclusive! Handheld, Headset, and lapel Mics, speaker, receiver (built in), highest quality battery, inputs, outputs.. it's all there! 
Most trusted system on the market.

Amazing Amp is the #1 Portable PA System for Entertainers, Public Speakers, and Wedding Officiants. 

What makes us unique:
ALL-INCLUSIVE! You could open the box at your event and use it!

2 wireless channels! 2 people can be mic'ed at the same time OR you can ACTUALLY plug another device (mp3 player, projector, boom box, CD player, etc) into the second transmitter (included) and THAT UNIT IS NOW WIRELESS TOO! 

Highest quality long lasting (over 5 hours) internal rechargeable battery 

Small enough to carry under your arm and loud enough for up to 400 people! 

Built in receiver. No more packing up 5 different components.. Amazing Amp is ALL INCLUSIVE!

This model comes with: 
Speaker/Receiver with individual volume controls for mics and inputs for your music device, tone, and echo controls, and internal rechargeable lithium ion battery.
2 belt pack transmitters that can be used at the same time
1 Handheld mic
2 headset mics
2 lapel mics
Power cord (to recharge internal battery or use when plugged in) 
Soft carrying case


T.H.D 1%
S/N Ratio ≥60dB
Frequency response 25HZ-15KHZ
RMS 15W (Max 50W)
Frequency range 174MHZ-216MHZ
AC power supply 110V 50/60HZ (220V model available)
DC power supply 12V2A
RF output power <10mW> Speaker One full range 6.5" speaker
Wireless service range 35 meters in ideal area

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Average rating:  
 34 reviews
by G. Felice on Amazing Amp
Great Packaging, Great Sound, Great Value!

Love my Happie Amp for its portability and great sound quality, whether in a park, on the beach, or in a ballroom; an excellent value for the price...and the customer service is incredible! Brian and team are amazing!

by Born2cookinspired on Amazing Amp

Just got out of box and tried it . My wife does cooking demonstrations and this unit performed better than expected.Looked a lot of places and this one seemed too good to be true but noticed all of the excellent reviews and had to try it. Not sorry I got one and support and warranty seem unbelievable.For what we will use this unit for the sound quality is impressive.

by Phil Van Tee ( on Amazing Amp
'El Ropo' Approved!

My Happie Amp arrived just in time for my 2015 holiday show season.Thank heavens! Every gig that I did, large and small, I put this baby through it's paces.Do the words, "passed with FLYING COLORS" mean anything? Oh, yeah.Thank you, Brian, for this tiny, and Oh so light powerhouse.El Ropo says, "Buy one, folks!"

by Bruce Newman on Amazing Amp
Great Amp

I Was amazed at how easy this amp is to set up and for it's size the volume is awesome. Did I mention how easy it is to set up? A few minutes...perfect!

by Jessica Michna on Amazing Amp
Happy Amp Is Well Worth It.

I perform one-woman theatrical programs in venues from outdoors to churches and everything in-between. When I need a sound system for a smaller venue the Happy Amp fills the bill nicely. It has the volume needed for class rooms, etc. and it's a lot easier to set up than my big Passport system.

by Jacqui on Amazing Amp
Yea, Amazing.

I've been completely satisfied with this amp and mic system. Also, the customer service is unparalleled. They want to do right by their customers.

by Reverend Robin on Amazing Amp
Thanks For Everything!

I needed help! I needed a new rechargeable battery but didn't know if it would fix the problem. I also needed a little advice on how to plug in an MP3 into the Happie amp. Then a mere two weeks later I needed a new antenna, too. Through all of this Brian gave me fabulous advice on the phone, yes, the new battery was just what I needed and the instructions he sent were just right so that I could install the antenna myself. I've had my Happie Amp for over 4 years now and couldn't be happier. I rave about it all the time and it even saved a wedding when the power went out and my Happie Amp could be used by the DJ for the wedding ceremony music as well as for amplifying our voices during the ceremony. I'm a fan!

by Carrie Rostollan on Amazing Amp
Packs Small, Plays Big, Just Like Me!

I'm a single operator, and I'm a little person, so I can't wrangle a lot of heavy equipment in my show. Nevertheless, when I'm booked into large banquet halls or the occasional auditorium, I appreciate the freedom the Happie Amp provides me.Like one recent show I did -- the house sound didn't have a cordless mike system, and using a corded mike would have hobbled my entertainment ability. The delight on my audience's faces spread to the sound engineers when they saw how well my Happie Amp filled the room and allowed everyone to hear and enjoy the show.Before all else fails, be ready to do it yourself. Get the Happie Amp, and stop worrying about small-town house sound.

by Eric Girard on Amazing Amp
Great For It's Size

It's been two years now that I have it and I'm still HAPPY! What else to say that for it size it's a great amp to own. As a magician, I have very different kind of venues and small and big space to play in. The Happy amp is great for all these. Thank you!

by Ray Lucas on Amazing Amp
Mega Sound

Never have any problem getting enough sound out so everyone can hear. Looks small but don't let that fool you. There's plenty of power in that amp!

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