FOO CAN - Deluxe

Looks Like ANY Ordinary Vase
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Item# : mk622

Looks Like ANY Ordinary Vase

Spun Aluminum Perfection

Finally a Foo Can that looks like something you would use in real life!
Many of us have been avoiding use of a Foo can in our acts due to the fact that they look like something you would buy from a magic shop.

But, now there are hundreds of fabulous effects that you can perform with a Foo Can.
Theis Deluxe Spun Foo Can stands a full 6 inches tall. It looks much like a vase that you would find in anywhere.
It is beautifully finished in polished chrome.

Like Foo cans of the past, water or any liquid may be poured into the Foo can then it can be completely turned over and shown empty.
The liquid has apparently vanished.

At ANY time instantly reproduce the liquid and once again pour it out of the pitcher.

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