In the Hands Wild Card - Tom Dobrowolski, DVD

Item# : mu744
ôHave I ever shown you my card collection?ö So begins In The Hands Wild Card one of the most visual and practical Wild Card Routines ever developed. Tom Dobrowolski has taken this classic routine and raised it off the table and put it into the magician's and spectator's hands making it a great routine for the walk around and table entertainer. In The Hands Wild Card uses the standard Wild Card set of cards, a set of cards you probably already own or that is available through any magic dealer. This is a routine you will learn and use. ôI've always felt that 'Wild Card' was one of the greatest visual card tricks of all time. My good friend Tom Dobrowolski has made a great contribution to the magical fraternity by creating and sharing his special version that can be performed without the need for a table. I look forward to adding Tom's beautiful routine to my strolling repertoire.ö - Daryl the Magicians Magician "Tom's handling of the classic powerhouse 'Wildcard' is totally professional, totally baffling, instantly resets and happens in the performersÆ and spectatorsÆ hands. In my book that's the conditions that make a routine totally professional." - Bob Kohler ôI thoroughly enjoyed the routine.ö - Bill Malone ôGreat job Tom! Very visual and practical. I love that it's in the hands too. I'll be using this one.ö - Mike Powers ôBeyond belief. You have to teach me that one.ö - Marshall Brodien